A view worth waiting for.

A view worth waiting for.

Thirty six or so years ago while living in Arizona, I drove back to Iowa to see the fam. My sister-in-law and my pre-pubescent nephew asked if they could hitch a ride part way on my return trip and be dropped off in Colorado Springs to see Janie’s sister. Of course I agreed, even though Jeff was quite a chatterbox back in the day. The packages were delivered safely and I had silence in my car once again.

On this trip, so many years later, I tried to recreate the route I took back in the day. I mapped out a route that would take me along a scenic route along the southern section of Colorado, starting in Walsenburg and ending in Four Corners. On that scenic route, called the Highway of Legends, there was a view that I just couldn’t get out of my head. Even to this day, I wanted to see it again. I had hoped for Jim to see it too, but this time I’m on my own – not unlike my trip so many years ago.

I had hoped to see some colors, but was concerned that I may be a bit early. I have to admit I was quite disappointed at the views for a lot of the trip today. I had hoped that my standards weren’t so much lower back then that I really thought the stuff I was seeing was wow-worthy, but that couldn’t be the case. It took until around Monte Vista for it to get interesting and by the time I entered the Rio Grande National Forest, there was that wow-factor I was looking for! The trees were the most beautiful shades of yellows and greens. Hardly any reds like we have in the midwest, which I kinda missed, but you can’t have it all.

South Forks was another great little town and where it really started getting beautiful after I entered the San Juan National Forest. There was a scenic overlook and of course I took it. And there it was! The view I’ve been waiting for for years!

What a great day! Beautiful views, beautiful colors, beautiful Colorado!

Happy trails,

Barbara Olson

Barbara Olson


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