Although the list is short for now, a few things are building. If you need a guest-blogger or an article written about a place I’ve been (or want to go), let me know.

September 2015 Artist of the Month for Gallery 224

Gallery 224 is a beautiful gallery overlooking the Port Washington, Wisconsin marina.

Visit the “Artist of the Month” tab at for “A Conversation with Barbara Olson” by Don Niederfrank.

Who knew several years ago when I set up the Gallery website that I’d end up as Artist of the Month. It’s all very exciting and a little surreal, but here’s how it happened: I had always assumed I would fade into the sunset doing what I do best – providing graphic design services for my short, but loyal list of clients. I loved it and could work from anywhere with an internet connection. I saw no reason to retire at all, but with the downturn of the economy I went looking for a new hobby. – READ MORE

Winning Photograph for May 2015 on

The official Arizona travel and vacation guide from the Arizona Office of Tourism.
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Blog Post to Accompany Winning Photo on

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A preview of my June 16, 2015 blog on

“When people start planning a trip to Arizona, several canyons immediately make the must-see list. Of course the Grand Canyon immediately comes to mind and my personal favorite is Oak Creek Canyon. Walnut Canyon is one that sometimes gets overlooked and is definitely worth an afternoon. And the Painted Desert, although not technically a canyon, has some amazing multi-colored locations with fabulous overlooks.

I lived in Arizona way, way (way) back when, and even though I have returned many times since, I had never heard of Canyon de Chelly. Until I mentioned to my cousin, who still lives in Arizona, that I was writing a book. She said no book about Arizona would be complete without an entire chapter devoted to Canyon de Chelly, and boy was she right!” – READ THE REST OF MY GUEST BLOG ON VISITARIZONA.COM

Guest Blog on “Wanderlustin”

Sammi Egan is a world traveler/backbacker/blogger who enlists the help of other bloggers to keep Wanderlustin’ active while she’s off the grid. Although my style of traveling is much different from hers, it never hurts to branch out, right? I hope to do more guest-blogging soon! As you’ll see, I did this interview before I changed the name of my website, so don’t be confused. Here is a preview of that interview:

1. For those who don’t know you, introduce yourself and your blog
Hi, I’m Barb and my blog is Although 95% travel and very little about timeshares, the name really goes to the style of travelling that my husband and I love. I will NOT try to sell you a timeshare, so remove your finger from that back button right now! I am a baby boomer who has loved to travel since childhood, and some say that love has become an obsession. I created this blog to share my travels and photos in hopes of inspiring others to travel, with the tagline “Live vicariously through my travels, while you’re in-between yours.” – READ THE REST OF MY INTERVIEW ON WANDERLUSTIN’