Baileys Harbor

Baileys Harbor

I’ll continue our tour of Door County with photos taken in August of 2015, so you can forget about the frostbite on your nose. We have been to Door County lots of times over the years, but usually stay on the traffic and touristy side around the Fish Creek area because we love the shopping, the food and the bay-side of the Door. The eastern side is much more relaxing with additional lake views and interesting lighthouses, as well as more great restaurants and shopping.

We had come to Baileys Harbor once for the Fourth of July fireworks and another time to check out PC Junction, which our grandson loved! PC Junction is located just west of Baileys Harbor in Peninsula Center and is a great, casual lunch spot for all you train lovers out there. If you’re lucky enough to grab the counter up close to the model train that circles the bar area, your lunch will be delivered by railroad! The food is good and there is lots of train memorabilia to keep the kiddos happy while waiting for their lunches and other historical decoration to keep you happy. Check out this YouTube video that will tell you more about PC Junction.

It’s hard to miss the fabulous mural below, and it’s not easy getting a picture with no cars in front of it! On weekends in summer, I don’t think it would be possible, since the Nelson Shopping Center offers just about everything you need at any given moment. The mural is quite amazing! Click on the link below to read how it all came about.

“If, as some people believe, there are no coincidences in life, then the giant mural emerging on the north wall of the Nelson Shopping Center in Baileys Harbor was destined to be.”  – READ MORE

Baileys Harbor is a pretty little town. I spent the day walking around the harbor and feeling lucky that there weren’t people all around, which is sometimes the case on nice weekends. Since today was a weekday and the weather was a little iffy, I had all the peace and quiet that I was craving. I stumbled upon Anclam Park, which was a delight, with all the park benches and wildflowers I love.

With a boardwalk leading out to the lakefront and a beautiful rock wall (complete with flowers) surrounding steps to a play area, this was a great find!

A must-see in the area is The Ridges Sanctuary. The Ridges has four distinct areas: Hidden Brook, the Sanctuary, the Family Discovery Trail and Logan Creek. Trails are easy to follow and well-marked. There are guided and self-guided hikes, as well as guided snowshoe hikes. A modest fee of $5 will provide you with a day pass to visit all four areas. In the Sanctuary are the Range Lights, which I was very interested in. They can also be accessed from the road, but for only $5, it was well worth supporting the conservation efforts of this beautiful place.

“Built in 1869, at a cost of $6,000, the Range Lights guided ships into the safety of Baileys Harbor for a century. These modest but enduring structures played a critical role in the history of Baileys Harbor and in the founding of The Ridges. They are now listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

At the time they were built, the Range Lights were considered a more effective way to keep ships off the treacherous reefs and shallows at the entrance to Baileys Harbor. From the water, a sailor got “on range” by vertically aligning the white light in the Upper Range Light, which shone at a height of 39 feet above the water, with the Lower Range Light’s red beacon, fixed at 22 feet above the water.

The Upper Range Light was home to eight lighthouse keepers and their families. In 1930, the lamps were replaced by automated electric lights and keepers were no longer needed.”  – READ MORE

“Our naturalist-guided hikes are the best way to experience The Ridges. Approximately 90 minutes in length, these relaxed walks highlight many of the features of the Sanctuary and are suitable for all ages. Learn about the history of the Ridges, the Baileys Harbor Range Lights, and of course the diverse flora of this unique natural area. On any given day, you’re likely to see carpets of wildflowers, nesting cranes, delicate Hine’s Emerald dragonflies, migrating Monarch butterflies or the occasional porcupine.

Please check our calendar for the current hike schedule.”  – READ MORE

Baileys Harbor’s eastern location seems to offer a more relaxing day in Door County away from the traffic and madness of the western side. A little off the beaten path, it is definitely worth a look.

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Happy trails,

Barbara Olson

Barbara Olson

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