The Natural Beauty of Arizona is Available!

Once I set my sights on writing this book, my heart was so into the subject matter and I was so excited about giving it a try, it seemed like the layout and design came quickly and the copy just seemed to write itself. But since then – over the past year – I’ve been spinning my wheels. The […]

Canyon de Chelly: Arizona’s Best Kept Secret

After living in Arizona for four years back in the day and visiting several times since, I can’t believe that I had never heard of Canyon de Chelly National Monument (canyon de-shay). I suppose it could be because it’s not a National Park – which would seem to command more attention. If it weren’t for the advice of a family […]

The Arizona Biltmore

So much of what I love about traveling is taking the tours and hearing the stories. Anytime I can hear an interesting, inspiring or funny story, I consider a tour to be a success. In my opinion, since often times the tours are free or close to it, it’s a great idea to take tours whenever they’re offered. Most times the tour […]

Theodore Roosevelt Lake

Yesterday I went on a drive of the Apache Trail. I had read all of the Trip Advisor comments about it being a treacherous road and then others that said it was no big deal. Well I’m pretty experienced. I can handle driving in the mountains, which turned out to be the case. I took the […]

My Little Pretties…

Usually when I take pictures, I’m snapping mountains or rivers and I always slip in a couple of flowers and trees, because, well I love flowers and trees – and let’s face it, even the prettiest mountains and rivers can get boring without some wispy plants or a pop of color provided by some flowers somewhere in the frame. […]

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