Frank Lloyd Wright

The Arizona Biltmore

So much of what I love about traveling is taking the tours and hearing the stories. Anytime I can hear an interesting, inspiring or funny story, I consider a tour to be a success. In my opinion, since often times the tours are free or close to it, it’s a great idea to take tours whenever they’re offered. Most times the tour […]

The Historic Park Inn Hotel

In July I took off for Iowa all by myself for the first time in years, making the rounds with relatives and ending with a visit at my mother-in-law’s. This was a special treat to have Elaine all to myself. Usually there are lots of others around – at least my husband, but this time it was just us. […]


In 1932 the Taliesin Fellowship was founded as a community that provided architectural training with a “learn by doing” approach. The community survives today as the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture whose members, both faculty and apprentices, are still known as the Taliesin Fellowship and reside at Taliesin during the summer months. Frank Lloyd Wright finished his schooling at […]

Taliesin West

In 1937, at the age of 70, Frank Lloyd Wright and the Taliesin Fellowship began building Taliesin West as a winter home, studio, and architectural campus. It remained in a constant state of change as Wright experimented and redesigned it over the years. Frank Lloyd Wright has become of particular interest to me lately. Whether it’s the craftsman style or his […]