New England

Rockland and Vicinity

On our last day in Maine, we dry our tears and take count of the wonderful things we saw here: the Rockland Harbor, numerous lighthouses, lots of craggy coastline, beautiful blue skies and a cute little fox are just part of what made this an excellent trip to Maine. New Hampshire was equally as beautiful with miles and […]

Acadia National Park, Maine

This is one day I was really looking forward to. Jim and I are huge fans of National Parks, and Acadia is a beautiful one. Rather than look for ourselves (which was very unlike us), we took the word of a visitor center employee who said it was probably a couple hours up there. Had we […]

Get Rich Quick!

Up next: Acadia National Park, Maine

The Olson House

If you are familiar with Andrew Wyeth’s famous painting, Christina’s World, then you may already know what this place is all about. We weren’t. We looked at the map and saw the “Olson” house and we just had to go and check it out. Once we got there and started on the tour, we realized we […]

Bath and Pemaquid

This was one of my favorite days in Maine. We started out in Bath, The City of Ships, which was about an hours’ drive. We walked through a short tunnel to get to a great shopping area, which we barely skimmed (oh, how I missed my shopping partner that day). There were about four or five paintings in the […]

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