New England

Rockland, Maine

Remember these pictures from my last post? Well keep those in mind for this post. The lighthouse out on the point is Owl’s Head Lighthouse and the one at the end of the breakwater is called Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse. Both will be shown much closer up as our day progresses. These pictures are exactly what I was […]

What About Bob?

There are advantages to visiting places off season. We never like to fight the crowds, especially when visiting such beautiful places as these. There are always people who don’t respect the beauty and the quiet of a place like we do and go off the trails and make too much noise. They trample the grass […]

Mirror Lake 2

Jim and I have been going round and round about these two pictures. I have them saved as Mirror Lake, but in looking at the map after googling Mirror Lake, we did not go in the area east of Lake Winnipesaukee, where Mapquest is pointing us and the pictures on the web show a much larger lake than this one that we […]

Local Brew

On yet another rainy day, we decided to check out the local shopping and the area close to Lincoln.  We just started driving down a road, which ended up being a subdivision, but before we turned around and headed back, here was this beautiful waterfall beside the road. Like I said before, the rains may be a […]

Mount Washington Hotel

Grand History, Modern Luxury “As grand as the history behind it, Omni Mount Washington Resort, located in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, is gracious in ambiance and generous in amenities. A favorite New England retreat of presidents, poets and celebrities, the hotel delights every sense with enchanting music, refined dining and luxurious décor.” – READ MORE Once […]

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