Philadelphia, PA

This post continues our family vacation to Hershey, Pennsylvania in the summer of 2016. Usually, we try to keep our vacation road trips to an hour or less and Philadelphia, PA was a ways to venture, but we all agreed that it was worth the extra drive. We placed it on the itinerary firmly in the middle of the week to […]

Hershey, Pennsylvania

We started this morning with the Trolley Tour, which (as we found out) sells out quickly during the summer months. Turns out hoards of families with lots of kids descend upon Hershey, Pennsylvania during summer vacation. Maybe that’s why the first time we came was in October – after the rush was over and we could enjoy […]

Indian Echo Caverns

We had originally wanted to go straight from ice cream to chocolate, but it wasn’t in the cards since the Hershey trolley was sold out for the next day. We decided it was probably better that way – to have a short break from the sugar – so we swopped and headed to the Indian Echo Caverns a day early. It was a pretty […]

The Turkey Hill Experience

When you think about the every day blah blah, sometimes the days run together and it’s tough to remember which is which. But add a vacation in the mix and those memories stick with you. While we’re enjoying one, we almost always reminisce about previous vacations – usually the silly things that went wrong and turned out […]

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