Upper Dells Boat Tour

I have had a love/hate relationship with the Wisconsin Dells for quite some time. As a kid, my folks always had a cabin (built by my carpenter father) on a lake or river and we were fortunate to travel quite a lot to visit family across the U.S. I don’t recall ever going to the Dells until […]

Atop St. Mary’s Hill

Port Washington is nick-named the City of Seven Hills and this post will cover a part of this city that’s high atop St. Mary’s Hill – one of the city’s most prominent hills. St. Mary’s Catholic Church sits on its perch and is visible from almost anywhere in the city. We saw it from Coal Dock Park in […]

Port Washington, Wisconsin: Part One

We moved from Oregon to Port Washington, Wisconsin in 1986. We loaded up the back of a big yellow Ryder truck with all of our worldly possessions. Lindsay, our Golden Retriever, kept Jim company up front. I followed in our Datsun station wagon with our 2-year old and 4-month old daughters and my big black cat […]

More of the Door: Finale

This post will conclude my blogs from several visits to Door County over the summer of 2015. Although I have been there many times before, I never took the time to document those trips, so this was a little different. I really enjoy the “having a reason to take lots of pictures” because in the past […]

More of the Door: Part One

Door County is a great area to visit, but don’t expect to see much if you only stay for the weekend. If you want to get in some shopping, a play or two, a nature trail or six, a couple rounds of golf and see several lighthouses, we’re talkin’ at least 5-7 days – maybe more! Every time […]

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