Wisconsin Embellishments

The thing I absolutely love about doing this blog, is that when I’m out and about, I am always on the lookout for interesting things to photograph. It just makes me so much more aware of things – instead of just driving by trying to get to my destination. Shouldn’t that be the way we always […]

Wisconsin Waterfalls

Today I left on a quest to see some of Lake Superior’s coastline and a few Wisconsin Waterfalls. I have a great, very-detailed map of Wisconsin by DeLorme that looks more like an atlas with over 100 pages. It sometimes gets me into trouble since all who have traveled with me know I strive to “see it all” and […]

Madeline Island

When I left for my trip “Up North” in early May, I was expecting to need my long underwear to stave off the cold – but in fact it was just the opposite. I live only a couple of miles from another large basin of cold water (Lake Michigan) and sometimes it’s Memorial Day before […]

The Wetlands of Wisconsin

When people think about wetlands, I don’t think Wisconsin comes to mind. But all along the St. Croix National Scenic Riverway, which runs along the border of Minnesota and Wisconsin, lies several of the most wonderful places that I’ve visited in a long time. I left my timeshare (an RCI property that I’ll review once I return home) for what […]