Southern Door County Barn Quilts

I first discovered barn quilts on a trip up north in the spring of last year. I had noticed a few here or there before that, but I didn’t really think about it being “a thing” until last spring while passing through Shawano County. I stumbled upon quite a few and when I returned home […]

Cave Point County Park

My road trip this morning would lead me to Cave Point County Park, but if you’ve read many of my blogs you know I like to make the most of every trip, so there were a couple stops before and even more after that. The dilapidated homestead above and the beautiful red-roofed barn below are just a few of the things […]

Baileys Harbor

I’ll continue our tour of Door County with photos taken in August of 2015, so you can forget about the frostbite on your nose. We have been to Door County lots of times over the years, but usually stay on the traffic and touristy side around the Fish Creek area because we love the shopping, the food […]

Newport State Park

Since I started my Door County blogs way up north with Rock Island and Washington Island, I may as well stay way up north and east in the peninsula at Newport State Park. The pictures in this post were taken the end of August in 2015, so this will be a nice break from the bare […]

Washington Island

We’ve been to Door County many times, but have never gone to Washington Island. I set my sights on changing that and decided to stay two nights on the Island, which would allow most of my travel day for exploration here and one day to take the ferry to Rock Island (my previous blog). There are many […]

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