Rock Island

OK, the plan was to start in southern Door County and work up to the northern point, but I just can’t wait. I’m starting at the top with Rock Island and will work my way down instead. I know, I know you should save the best for last, but hey – it’s my blog and […]

On the Road Again

This post is a mish-mash of random stuff I saw while taking the scenic route to Door County a couple weeks ago. I’ve included some traveling music to get your toe tapping, so if you love Willie Nelson, click HERE and tap along! Usually when we go to Door County we take the interstate through Green Bay and don’t start […]

Pinecrest Historical Village

If you’ve read any of my blogs, you know how I like to make the most of a road trip and see as much as I can on the way to and back home from a new destination. I’ll be spending the next five days in Door County, but I had a couple of stops planned for my […]

Who needs the Ocean…

I felt the need to put some copy down here, because OF COURSE WE NEED THE OCEANS! I’m hoping I don’t get a bunch of hate mail because of that incomplete statement. I’m just saying, that sometimes when you stand on the shores of any of the Great Lakes, it looks and feels like an […]

Mt. Horeb

This is a quick post about the overnight we spent in Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin. We’ve hit up the Grumpy Troll for great burgers on several occasions on our way past the small town, but we have never stopped and checked it out like we did today. Since it’s within 2 minutes of being the exact […]

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