Upper Dells Boat Tour

I have had a love/hate relationship with the Wisconsin Dells for quite some time. As a kid, my folks always had a cabin (built by my carpenter father) on a lake or river and we were fortunate to travel quite a lot to visit family across the U.S. I don’t recall ever going to the Dells until […]

Mt. Horeb

This is a quick post about the overnight we spent in Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin. We’ve hit up the Grumpy Troll for great burgers on several occasions on our way past the small town, but we have never stopped and checked it out like we did today. Since it’s within 2 minutes of being the exact […]


In 1932 the Taliesin Fellowship was founded as a community that provided architectural training with a “learn by doing” approach. The community survives today as the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture whose members, both faculty and apprentices, are still known as the Taliesin Fellowship and reside at Taliesin during the summer months. Frank Lloyd Wright finished his schooling at […]