Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Our first overnight at sea brings us to Dubrovnik. As we leave the ship, the first thing that stands out are the beautiful red roofs and the wall that encircles most of the old city.

You can walk all the way around the city via this complex structure, among the largest and most complete in Europe. Originally built in the 7th century most likely of wooden palisades, many changes and enhancements were made between the 12th and 17th centuries to make it the stone wall it is today. It has helped to protect the freedom and safety of this peaceful and prosperous republic for centuries – even as recently as 1991-1992 during the Yugoslav army siege.

“The walls run an uninterrupted course of approximately 1,940 metres (6,360 ft) in length, encircling most of the old city, and reach a maximum height of about 25 metres (82 ft).”  – READ MORE.

Today we decided to explore on our own, so we rented an audio tour at the gates to the Old City and enjoyed the views, the history and the stopping points along the way. This truly was a wonderful city.

Once we made our way all around the wall, we took a stroll through the Old City. It was a small town, full of history, old buildings, a fountain and beautiful churches. What a marvelous (and extremely HOT) day. We finished with a light lunch at the square just in time to head back to the ship.

Another pinchable moment. OMG! We’re in Croatia! If only we could find Dr. Luka Kovač (from E.R.)!!

Dubrovnik – Red Roofs and Fabulous Views!

Next stop Sicily, Italy! YIPPEE!

Happy trails,

Barbara Olson

Barbara Olson

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