The Fountains

The Fountains

It’s pretty hard to beat a day with Mickey Mouse. I always remember our first trip to Disney World. We spent a fortune to stay on the grounds in what was basically a hotel room. A hotel room that we were never in, except to sleep. We went at spring break, which was our first mistake. Visiting during one of the busiest times of the year, we spent most of our days waiting in line. We had to take advantage of the early entry and late exits that were part of the package just to see a portion of what we went there to see. We were all exhausted and not sure Disney was all is was cracked up to be.

Fast forward several years. We had purchased our timeshare and decided to give it another try. We traded into RCI for a 2BR unit with a great pool and all the comforts of home. We went in October during conferences or some other break from school. We didn’t even spend full days at the park, because we were able to walk right onto most rides. We were able to go back “home” and relax and swim in the pool, watch movies or whatever else we wanted to do. Now THIS was a vacation!

Luckily we had some family close to Orlando who had kids who graduated from High School and we HAD to go watch the ceremonies. We bundled each trip with a couple days in Disney, this time at the Fountains. It just kept getting better!

Fast forward to June of 2014. Our grandkids were chomping at the bit to go to Disney World, as most kids do with the barrage of Disney movies and products shoved in their little faces all the time. Oh – who am I kidding – I wanted to go as bad as the grandkids! OK I said it!

This time we sprung for a Presidential unit on the top floor with a summer kitchen. It was 3BR/3Bath with a theatre room that doubled as the baby’s bedroom. It was absolutely fabulous! The boys got to grill. We all watched movies (Frozen, of course) and saved money by taking a break from the park and coming home for lunch and naps. We scheduled in three pool days and we were totally happy campers. I mean time-sharers.

The gardens are impeccable. With beautiful trees and flowers, I had a great time checking it all out on our many strolls around the grounds.

It was a short drive to everything that Orlando has to offer. Minutes to Disney World or Sea World. Quite a drive to Lego Land, but it was a must-see and had to be done. And the pool! Did I mention the pool? That is my favorite part of the Fountains!

The pool is HUGE! Even when there are a lot of people in it, there is always a place you can go to get away from the crowds. With sprayers and buckets that dump water on you, it won’t matter that it’s 100 degrees that day. You can stay cool and put your feet up and enjoy Florida from the comfort of your own lounge chair. It’s pretty hard to beat a day like this.

There’s a pizza joint on-site as well as several other eating establishments. There are lots of kids activities by the pool as well and rentable cabanas to keep you out of the sun if that’s the way you want to go. All in all the Fountains is the perfect place to stay when you’re visiting Mickey or any other Disney character. I would definitely recommend a visit. We were there for 9 days and enjoyed every single one of them.

The Fountains. Now THAT’s a vacation!

Happy trails,

Barbara Olson

Barbara Olson


  • Elaine Olson

    Finally took some time to look at your beautiful pictures. Makes me want to take off and travel which we are going to do. Four of us gals are heading to Branson, Mo. for 5 days. It’s been a hectic summer for some of us and we are ready for a break before the next session starts. Keep up the good work Barb. Elaine

    October 17, 2015 at 5:13 pm
    • Barbara Olson
      Barbara Olson

      Thanks Elaine! So glad you like the pictures. I sure enjoy doing this. If you’re going to Branson, you should check out a couple more of my blogs in the “Missouri” category at

      October 19, 2015 at 6:31 pm

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