Eastern Caribbean Cruise: Finale

Although each of the last three ports was a day, I’ve combined them into one post, since the first two stops didn’t have much substance. Antigua (pronounced An-tee’ga) and its neighboring island Barbuda form a twin-island nation in the middle of the Leeward Islands. With a nickname of “The Land of 365 Beaches”, one would assume you could try out a new […]

Saint Lucia

After more ballroom dancing by our shipmates, our next excursion took us to the glorious island of Saint Lucia and into the capital city of Castries – a town with lots of charming colonial buildings. At this fabulous port, we would see some of the beauty, history and culture of Saint Lucia by making stops at the Morne Fortune fortress, […]


Another fabulous day was ahead as we continued on our Caribbean cruise in February 2015 and visited the beautiful island of Barbados. I feel like most people go to the Caribbean to lay in the sun and drink umbrella drinks. Jim and I love to check out the history and scenery when we visit a new […]

Saint Kitts

After the little swaying in the ship that wasn’t evident on our Med cruise, we finally found land and our first excursion!! It’s great to have arrived at Port Zante. Saint Kitts is the larger of a dual-island nation with Nevis which forms the smallest country in the Western Hemisphere. The photo above left was taken on our way out, […]

Eastern Caribbean Cruise: Overview

Winter in Wisconsin can get old. Really old. We thought maybe an Eastern Caribbean Cruise on the Royal Princess in February of 2015 would take off the chill. We had only been on one cruise prior – a Carnival Cruise in the Mediterranean. If you’d like to check out my blog, there are quite a few posts beginning with Mediterranean Cruise. When you […]

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