What About Bob?

What About Bob?

There are advantages to visiting places off season. We never like to fight the crowds, especially when visiting such beautiful places as these. There are always people who don’t respect the beauty and the quiet of a place like we do and go off the trails and make too much noise. They trample the grass and smash the bugs. It’s just not right.

One disadvantage we experienced was that the Castle in the Clouds would not be opening until the weekend after we were there. It was truly a disappointment and since I don’t have any pictures, I’m not going to talk about it anymore. Humph.

As we were returning to our scheduled plan, we stumbled upon The Loon Center in Moultonborough, NH. They had a wonderful visitor center with lots of exhibits and a movie.  Loons are quite plentiful in this area. On Golden Pond was shot not far from here at Squam Lake in Holderness. There was a viewing area outside the visitor center, which would have been beautiful had it not been raining… again.

There’s only so much of this rainy weather that we can take, so we opted for some lunch at a bar back on the highway… while it REALLY poured. When we came out, the rain had stopped and we hit the road.

“What About Bob” was one of our favorite shows when our daughters were younger. We almost wore out that VCR tape watching Bill Murray and his back and forth with Richard Dryfuss. I still call my family – the fam and Baby Steps comes to mind more than I care to admit. Most of the movie took place on Lake Winnipesaukee, since Bob Wiley needed a vacation from his troubles so he followed Dr. Leo Marvin on his vacation. I can see why they’d want to visit, because it was absolutely beautiful. We made a stop in Weir’s Beach as they were setting up for Bike Week that was starting the next day. Pretty quiet and pretty rainy.

Well, the bad news is, I have no pictures for this post. The good news is, next stop is Rockport, Maine and I have tons of pictures in Maine! Here are a couple to make up for the fact that our last day in New Hampshire was pictureless. These are of the Samoset Resort. Once you scroll down, you’ll see why I waited three years to get into this beautiful resort!

Look inviting? Come on back!!

Next up: Rockland, Maine

Happy trails,

Barbara Olson

Barbara Olson

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