Taliesin West

In 1937, at the age of 70, Frank Lloyd Wright and the Taliesin Fellowship began building Taliesin West as a winter home, studio, and architectural campus. It remained in a constant state of change as Wright experimented and redesigned it over the years. Frank Lloyd Wright has become of particular interest to me lately. Whether it’s the craftsman style or his […]

By the Time I Get to Phoenix

By the time I get to Phoenix sounds a little like a Glen Campbell song from the 60’s, (if you’d like to listen to the song while you read, click on the link) but in this case it was by the time we got to Phoenix, we were exhausted. We were ready for the relaxation […]

Desert View Watchtower

Standing on the far eastern end of the south rim of Grand Canyon, Desert View Watchtower offers great views of the Painted Desert, the Canyon and the Colorado River. Be sure to see the stunning artwork that adorns the inside. The Desert View Watchtower is way-high on our list of top stops. The shuttle service inside the Grand […]

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon is at the TOP of our favorites list in Arizona! The angles of the sun on the various elevations and colors of the rock are breathtaking and make for some beautiful photos. As the name implies, our stop at the Grand Canyon was grand, with a capital GRAND! We visited nearly every stop on the south rim […]

Route 66 – East of Flagstaff

Today we left Sedona quite early and headed straight up towards Flagstaff again, only this time we caught I40E to see Route 66 – East of Flagstaff. The history, natural beauty and wigwams on this section of Route 66 had us smiling all day. Walnut Canyon This was a great stop, with a really nice visitor […]

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