The Natural Beauty of Arizona

The Natural Beauty of Arizona



Check out a Sneak Peek of “THE NATURAL BEAUTY OF ARIZONA” on YouTube.

THE NATURAL BEAUTY OF ARIZONA is the first in a series of beautiful travel books featuring stunning photography and light commentary showcasing the magnificent beauty of the United States of America. It offers a beautiful reminder of a recent trip to Arizona or a little help with the planning process for an upcoming one. If you’re a baby boomer about to retire, you’ll appreciate this great overview of the Grand Canyon state. Replace packs of postcards that rarely make it out of the drawer with this wonderful book or give as a gift to family or friends who are retired in Arizona, or some day hope to be.

THE NATURAL BEAUTY OF ARIZONA starts with its best-kept secret and ends in an Old-West town that you may have only visited in the movies. In-between read about:
• the ultimate road trip
• Marilyn Monroe’s favorite swimming pool
• hills painted the colors of the sunset
• Grand Canyon
• a huge hole
• the London Bridge
• and so much more.


To order a printed book, visit To receive a $4 discount on your order, visit and use the Discount Code BKER6TFS.

If you don’t have room on your coffee table for another book or would prefer a digital version, you are in luck, because THE NATURAL BEAUTY OF ARIZONA is now available digitally for the first time!

After your payment of just $5.00, you will be directed to your online copy, where you can view the entire book on your desktop. Consider listening to some soothing music while enjoying all the places you’ll visit on this beautiful journey. If you’d like to save the download to your desktop for a later look, be sure to click on the “Download PDF” button near the right at the bottom of the page. You can switch to full-screen mode there as well.

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If you follow my blog, you know my parents nurtured my traveling gene from my humble beginnings. Touring the national parks, forests and other treasures became the backbone of my upbringing and, although we never left the country, there was so much to see in the beautiful United States I didn’t feel slighted in any way. Heck, lots of others – my husband included – didn’t travel much at all as a kid because times were tough during the 50s and 60s for some, especially for those with big families. I was lucky – being an oops baby – for I had my older parents all to myself for years. With family all over the country, we’d use trips to see family as a great excuse to travel and then see everything within reach to make it an even more enjoyable trip.

For the last thirty years I’ve been working as a graphic designer, most recently as a freelancer, working from my home-office for various corporations in the Milwaukee area. With the downturn in the economy, my once-thriving business has become a part-time job, opening a window of opportunity to re-invent myself and figure out what I REALLY want to be when I grow up. With more free time on my hands, there HAS to be a way to make my obsession with travel a paying gig.

A series of trips to see family in Arizona had renewed my love of that state. A two-week vacation with friends and some encouragement from my BFF stirred the pot even more, and a three-week hiatus on my own finally sealed the deal. Over the years I’ve had my hands on countless brochures, catalogs and other printed materials for other companies, why not work on a book for myself. One where I can blend my love of travel with my graphic design and photography skills.

Long story short, I’ve come up with what I hope you think is a great design and some beautiful pictures for a great travel book. I’ve added a few photos that are in the book to a recent post called “The Natural Beauty of Arizona is Available” (there are more on Zenfolio, below) and you are welcome to “flip” through a couple of pages in the Sneak Peek. Then order your copy at To receive a $4 discount on your order, visit and use the Discount Code BKER6TFS.

If you see any photos that you’d like made into prints – with or without a frame – check out my Zenfolio account and click on the Portfolio tab at the top to choose a location. Thanks so much for your support! Both for buying the book and for reading my blog. I thoroughly enjoy writing about my travels and I hope to keep it up for many years to come.

Happy trails,